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  1. Hi there!

    How are you? I am reaching out on behalf of The Feast, an organization that brings together innovators, entrepreneurs, and change-makers to create a better world for ourselves and others.

    Our upcoming event, Impact East, is from October 2-4 and we would love to have you on board to own an area in our interactive art space. This opportunity allows for artists to showcase their work at Brooklyn Expo Center, gain exposure from our vast network of creators, makers, and doers, and be a part of community that creating a positive social impact.

    We currently have on board the following artists:
    Archimedes Design
    Amber Rae
    Taeyoon Choi
    We think you would be a perfect fit for our event, so let us know if you are interested in learning more. Reply to this email and we’ll get started on creating this awesome partnership 🙂


    The Feast Team

  2. Dear Team

    It’s great to see your work. I am a product designer based out of India. For quite some time, I have been also thinking of this topic. When I studied design in TU Delft, The Netherlands, Prof. Ger Breuns used to conduct an elective called Zen and The Art of Design. He introduced us to the rituals and designing around them. It was great experience.

    If there’s any way, I can get involved by contribution/ learning, I would really look forward to.
    Thanks again.

    Hari Kara

  3. Hi there,

    I am a former teacher and instructional coach who recently branched out into starting my own business as a mindfulness consultant, mainly teaching workshops (on topics such as mindful creativity, compassion, gratitude etc.) and doing one-on-one coaching with teachers in the classroom at the moment. I LOVE what you are doing. I am actually working on designing a workshop around ritual and have done some research on the subject, but this class you are planning on hosting in February is the closest thing I have seen to what I am imagining for myself. For me, the workshop I am planning at the moment will be for teachers, but I might do one for other audiences in the future

    Unfortunately, I am in Columbus, Ohio, so there is no way I would be able to take the class, but if there are any resources you would feel comfortable sharing, I would absolutely love to see them. In addition, I will make sure to post some rituals I have done to your archive (if you search ritual on my website you can see some of them) and will definitely share anything I am doing if you would like. Of course, I would give full citation and credit for anything you would be willing to share.

    Thank you so much! Many blessings to you and yours this holiday season.


  4. Hello,

    I am an adjunct professor for Parsons: The New School of Design. I will be teaching a course in November/December in the Global Executive Masters of Science in Strategic Design & Management program; and am writing to ask if you would be open to sharing a tasting of your project in a 20-30 minute interview-style approach. I am fascinated by your take on rituals – in particular, how rituals can be used as a way to oscillate energy levels for improved productivity. This thinking lines up nicely with one of the key ambitions I aim to drive during the semester.

    I will be instructing a course called “Managing Creative Project & Teams;” and the aim is to have students leave the course with the critical thinking skills needed to act as leaders of commercial-creative projects. And part of being a leader is being able to identify and create low-energy mitigation plans for their teams (this is where rituals come into play).

    Your involvement would take the form of a 20-30 minute interview (by phone or SKYPE) which I would record, edit and upload for students to listen to.

    More details can be made available if you are still curious.

    1. Dear Billy, We’re sorry we missed your comment (it got buried). We’d love to connect! Perhaps if there is another opportunity soon.

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