The Tesla Employees’ Secret Message rituals

We recorded this Ritual we saw in the wild: what we can only hypothesize is a Tesla company ritual for employees as they drive into work, to boost their spirits with curious little messages about the impact of their work.

Every morning on our commute, we pass by the Tesla offices in Silicon Valley. And we have been noticing a changing set of signs that appear on the side of the road, with different cryptic messages. The sign sequences change every few days, sometimes every day.

They seem to be aimed at Tesla employees’ morale — but they aren’t totally decipherable to outsiders like us. This morning’s sequence we captured on video — they are a little more comprehensible.

We’re guessing these are meant to be an in-group, bonding ritual — to make the employees feel like they are ‘in’ on the messages, and also give them a weird, positive boost as they come into the office. They also have the effect on us outsiders, of making us curious and eager to see what’s going on inside Tesla. Who is behind this ritual? We want to find out!

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