To Do Cup ritual

Sunday night is high stress: so many meant things to do. I have crafted a ritual to get out my anxiety and to feel like I’ve conquered stuff before Monday begins.

I have a measuring cup chalice, a find in a central Michigan church hand-me-down store.

I list out all my to do’s, usually 6 to 10, on post it’s on my desk.

Then I go through them, and get to tear them up into tiny little bits and put them in my cup.

I have the cup up on my mantle in between the Sundays. I can see the amount of stuff that I have done, physically measuring more. Right now I’m up to a half pint of completed tasks. It feel so satisfying to measure my Sunday night work in actual units.

Now the question is what I will do with it once I reach the top. Perhaps a giant stress smoothie? Or a ritual burning at a Sunday night barbecue?

Prototyping a pop-up prayer ritual kit
The To- do Cup Ritual

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