Letter writing ritual box

To better follow through on my New Year’s resolution of writing more mail, I designed a small ritual box that is in the center of my home, right at the bottom of the staircase, where formerly there was the home phone.

I used a kid’s toy packaging box (for a teddy bear, long since removed) as the structure, and then attached all of the necessary materials for assembling a letter in one place — and made myself a little sign to trigger more letter writing.


There are stamps, address labels, a variety of cards, my address lists, and a choice of pens. If it’s all in one place, and visible along my everyday path, the goal is to hook letter-writing into my flow. It’s convenient, it’s visible, and it’s playful.

So far, I’ve been much better with Thank You’s and small greeting notes — almost 5 per week on average.

In the future, this box might also hold another ritual. Perhaps a new New Year’s resolution, because the placement on my everyday path is such a good hook for stickiness. It could be interesting to have a rotating ritual box.

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