A New Credit Card Ritual recipe

We are experimenting with the best ways to capture a ritual. One model is the ‘triptych’, in which we do three scenes of a ritual to show the flow of actions — and to show the payoff resolution.

Here is one example that I’ve been playing with. 

The situation: new Credit Cards in my life, that I want to be responsible about — but which I know from my past behavior, I tend to not be the most strategic about. How do I get myself to read the Terms and Conditions? How do I force myself to see possible negative consequences and looming penalties, right when I start my relationship with this card.

Here is the ritual design I crafted! Combining a few incentives (chocolate, coffee, jazz) with some Modeling (Elizabeth Warren portrait, and highlighters and red pens of grade school teachers).

The next step in the capture of this ritual design: a short video showing it in real-life.


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