Wait, what? Cremating Human Remains Into Diamonds…


I was intrigued when I first heard this rather interesting business from one of our d.school fellows. They take your cremated loved one and after certain chemical processes,  turn them into diamonds. It might not be a ritual onto itself, however, definitely a symbolic ritual object that can feed into mourning or let-go rituals.

A quote from Fast Co’s write up says,

Swiss company Algordanza compresses human ashes into what they call memorial diamonds. With their services, instead of wearing your late grandmother’s old jewelry, you can actually wear your late grandmother. “Ashes to Diamond, a Jewel To Remember,” they say on their website.

Smitshonian magazine’s post also mentioned what’s unique about this process:

What makes Algordanza’s memorial diamonds somewhat peculiar, though, is that the stones tend to retain characteristics entirely unique to the individual. In an interview with Vice Magazine, Willy points out, for example, that the ashes of those who wore dentures or prostheses typically form diamonds of less purity. Also, while stones usually come out blue, hues can range from clear to black due to varying levels of boron, a trace mineral absorbed through certain foods.Read more:

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