Watermelon cutting, watermelon eating

This is a ritual for choosing & eating a watermelon. It’s practical but respectful.  It’s from Turkey.

Rose Market - watermelon knife

  1. Choose your melon by knocking on its side and listening for a tok tok sound — that’s a good melon.
  2. You take the biggest knife you have.
  3. Then you hold the watermelon upright and carve off the watermelon’s head.
  4. Say Bismillah as you start cutting.
  5. Cut it like a cone to go a little into the flesh.
  6. That is the Aha moment. You can now see if the melon is good or not. It should be deep red and smell like a proper watermelon.
  7. If its a big melon, cut pie-piece-style down from the top, slice by slice.
  8. Eat each slice with love and respect.  Add some salty white cheese to go with its red sweetness. Or have some fresh, doughy, crusty white bread along with it too.
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