FaithNews, interfaith understanding

Faithnews is a simple iphone/ipad app on improving the interfaith understanding among diverse cultural setting of US. Here’s an excerpt from the producer ING’s website.

Did you ever want to wish your neighbor happy holidays, but weren’t sure when his or her religion has holidays or what to say? Have you ever blanked on the Hebrew word for charity? Are you planning a luncheon and need to know when Ramadan ends so you can feed your Muslim guests? Multifaith News and Events has all that and more.

FaithNews definitely hits a very relevant spiritual wellbeing challenge, how to live spirituality within a diverse context, where misunderstandings, and stereotyping are very likely to happen. App suggests a pluralistic approach, by learning and empathizing with others, by putting your friends’, coworkers’, neighbors’ sacred holidays into your calendar.


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