Frontier Vest

Frontier vest is a conceptual product developed by Azra Aksamija from MIT.

As it is described in her website: “The Frontier Vest hybridizes different religious equipment and a contemporary vest design. This wearable prototype lends itself for different purposes, both sacred and secular.

Pointing at the shared histories and belief systems of Judaism and Islam, the Frontier Vest can be transformed either into a tallit, a Jewish prayer shawl, or into an Islamic prayer rug. Both possibilities render very personal objects that devoted believers use in religious rituals.

Originating in the nomadic life of Bedouins, and informed by the historic experience of exodus, the Frontier Vest also represents a minimal wear useful for a contemporary refugee. While the vest can be worn by both men and women, the equivalent use in Jewish and Islamic religious sermons is a task to be negotiated within the individual religious communities in the future.”


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