Survival Mosque, by Azra Aksamija

Azra Aksamija, now a PhD student at MIT, has some interesting projects at the crossroads of design & spirituality, with some political awareness thrown into the mix.

This 2005 project, Survival Mosque, offers a (tongue-in-cheek, mostly) survival kit for Muslims in the US.  It includes an “American-flag façade that communicates patriotism, gas-masque, nose filters and an umbrella that surveys one’s back. The mosque is self-sufficient; the prayer rug is supplying its own energy source via photo-voltaic solar cells. It also carries different liturgical and practical features such as washing solution for ablution and for cleaning when a Muslim get spit on, ear plugs against insults, American constitution proofing rights of American Muslims, multi-religious amulets, a loud-speaker with speech on tolerance held by President George W. Bush, ablution slippers, Quran, educative books and diverse communication devices.”

You can camouflage it all too, in American flags and down-home symbology.  The bags also function as portable muezzins, calling for prayers too.

Sajjadah, a smart prayer rug

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